Short documentary 'Nothing too Bad' & paper 'Autopsy of a Militarized Body'


Nothing too Bad is a short documentary I filmed in in April 2017, interviewing my father on his experiences as a UN peacekeeper in the 1980’s.

Nothing too Bad (2017) is a short documentary which presents, and fabulates, a conversation between a 'researcher'-daughter and a 'former UN peacekeeper' -father. It uncovers the shaping of memories and their attachment to the contents of a briefcase, which for decades preserved a history. On the edges of the bodies of father and daughter, in stories and photographs, a geography of war is imagined and remembered where female and non-human bodies play their parts. The documentary points to specific aspect of militarism: its stickiness as a relational glue and its making of an identity. 

Article on the documentary:

Autopsy of a Militarized Body: Introducing Short Documentary 'Nothing too Bad' (Critical Military Studies, 2018)

Nothing too Bad became an 11-minute documentary about me and my father, a briefcase and militarism. It is aimless and elusive, yet directed by a curiosity about the power of emotion, and the power of bodies and other materialities. How a story makes an identity, and how an identity makes a story. This is a companion text to an unpublished video, or maybe even its replacement. As scary as it is, I want to share a personal story of how militarism transmits and ramifies between bodies; how it sticks, unnoticeably.

Susanna Hast