Susanna Hast is a songwriter, performance artist, activist, researcher and a movement pedagogue. She has a doctoral degree in Social Sciences from the University of Lapland (2012). Susanna has worked with video, podcast, dance, teaching and music in addition to publishing academic works. Her artistic research interests include emotions, capoeira, compassion, militaries and militarism, sound, war experience and vulnerability.

Susanna works as an Academy of Finland post doctoral researcher at Theater Academy, Helsinki with a project "Bodies in War, Bodies in Dance: Rhythm, Performance and Emotions in Finnish Military Training and Capoeira for Refugees".

Her unique research-informed and political music is called musistance.


Susanna works with immigrant women through dance, teaching a class at Irakin naisten yhdistys in Helsinki.

In addition,

  • co-editor of Encounters in Critical Military Studies journal

  • member of Siitä Viis research/activist collective

  • video-maker, who has produced several videos for Politiikasta, and filmed her own music videos. She has also filmed a documentary ‘Nothing too Bad’ (2017, 12 min).

Collaborators: Timo Rehtonen (Hast & Cast music), Timo Kalevi Forss (duet), Saara Savusalo (graphics), Julia Järvelä (graphics), Sami Sojonen (photography)